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TytradesPro like its 1999


Stock Trade like it is 1999, or 2008 or whenever.Learn by doing. App is a Stock Market simulator that take you back in time and next day is just a click away.TyTrades Pro - Test Your Trades - lets you practice stock market trading, by replaying REAL historical stock prices and technical indicators.You can get years of stock market trading experience in just few hours, by replaying stock market data from the past. It allows you to paper trade and get experience for the future.The way the app works:You will be trading with a random symbol at a random date based on the real data, and you can buy, short or pass. Now you can play around, fast forward if you want, to see what if. In the setting, date and symbol can be changed to your preference.Indicators: EMA 15, EMA 30, EMA 45, EMA 200 Bollinger bands Envelopes RSI 5, RSI 14RSI 28 RSI 50 MACD (6,13,4), MACD (12,26,9), MACD (24,52,18) Stochastic (Period 20,D 3, K 3), Stochastic (Period 40,D 6, K 6), Stochastic (Period 80,D 12,K 12)
TyTrades could be a thought of as stock market simulator or stock market game.See how much you can grow your account.You don't have to give your email or sign up for anything.
Instructions:Press NEW to generate stock market chart.With default setting you will be presented with a randomsymbol at a random date.You can Buy, Short, move to Next day or get New chart.
In settings, you can also uncheck "Random Symbol" and enter your own stock.To get get data for one day set "Random Date Start" and "Random Date End" to the same date.